Why acoustic comfort in premises is so important?

Noise leads to incapacity, nervousness, discomfort, deterioration of the learning process and fatigue.

Is there a certificate to certify the environmental friendliness of the Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik product?

Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik gypsum boards have an environmental product certificate from the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.

What is the reason for the property of Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik panels to make the air cleaner?

Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik boards are perforated boards that contain zeolite in their gypsum core. More information can be found in the article.

What are the benefits of gypsum for the human body when it is invested in housing?

Gypsum is an incredible material. It has the same pH as human skin, has no odor, and is absolutely harmless. More information you can find in the article.

Where can Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik boards be placed?

Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik boards have a wide range of applications in modern construction, can be in all enclosed spaces in which we spend time, as it improves the microclimate in them. You can find more information in the article here.

What are Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik perforated boards?

Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik boards are a perforated gypsum board that has the mineral zeolite added to its core. In this way, it acoustically treats the premises, purifies the air and has a beautiful design.

What benefits has the mineral zeolite?

Numerous different studies prove that the mineral zeolite balances the pH in the human body.

Some of the properties that zeolite favors the human body are: it acts as an antioxidant; supports liver function; cleanses the body of toxic and radioactive elements; captures and removes carcinogenic substances that are formed during food preservation, frying, smoking and use of nitrate salt; normalizes blood pressure, etc.

You can read more HERE in the article.