Private homes

Private home - an eight-member family

Reducing noise in a family of eight

An 80 sqm kitchen area plus six children equals considerable noise levels. For the parents in the house - Susanne and Morten - it was therefore a natural choice to install acoustic ceilings in the house during a major renovation of their house. 

When selecting the right acoustic material for their home, for Susanne and Morten acoustic performance and the visual appearance of the acoustic ceiling were equally important. They went for Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik which they find to have a "modern retrolook" that goes well with their minimalistic kitchen interior. 

Used boards - 600x600 Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik Tiles, square perforation design 8/18 Q.
"Many of our friends notice that the room is quiet and comfortable to be in. And that is because sound isn't "thrown around", even though we are a lot of people in the room."
- Morten,Home owner from Vedbæk, Denmark