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Library at University of Mons

Modern learning space with serenity of an ancient convent

An ancient convent in Mons has recently undergone a major restauration to house the library of the University of Mons. The architects faced a challenging task of integrating modern technologies and materials while preserving and respecting the heritage of the 17th centry architecture. 

The team of architects paid special attention to acoustics and aesthetics of the space. Acoustics - because it was important to offer the serenity to the users of the library. And aesthetics which calls for a carefully crafted minimalistic design that melts into the grandeur of the historic building. 

Used products: Boards Knauf Cleaneo Akustik, design standard circular perforation 10/23 R and boards 600x600 Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik Tiles, design circular perforation 8/18 R.
"Initially, we planned a fixed ceiling, but the university representatives needed to make changes in the ceiling cavity. So we had to find a demountable ceiling without compromising the aesthetics. We wanted a monolithic effect. That's how we choose Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik Tiles ".
- Emmanuel Ramirez-Mauroy,Architect, Atelier d'Architecture & d'Urbanisme Dupire & François