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Kindergarten Wettenberg

Simple & bright atmosphere for the little ones

Light and fresh air are most fundamental for our well-being. When 90% of our time is spent indoors, we need our surroundings to replicate nature as much as possible. Especially in kindergartens and schools where our children need healthy and safe environments that stimulate their learning. 

Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik acoustic ceilings are often used in kindergartens because of their simplicity - in the design and function. The surface is calm and reflects up to 72% of light. Noise is efficiently reduced. And the ceilings contribute to a healthy, fresh atmosphere in the room - thanks to the built-in air cleaning function with Cleaneo technology. 

In the kindergarten Wettenberg are used raster ceiling panels 600x600 Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Tiles, design square perforation 8/18 Q.