Offices, shopping centers

FVG Folien Offices

Ceilings with monolithic design and full demountability

Acoustic and aesthetic comfort go hand in hand. This is especially true for workspaces where the well-being of employees is crucial for their productivity. A monolithic ceiling surface helps create a calm, continuous design. At the FVG Folien, this is achieved with Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik Tiles.

The two ceiling types complement each other perfectly. Both ceilings have the same playful, organic look - but their functions are different. Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik, design random circular perforation PLUS R 8/15/20 R is used in offices because each ceiling tile is fully demountable. Whereas Knauf Cleaneo® Akustik Tiles 600х600, design random circular perforation 8/15/20 R which is completely seamless, is installed in reception and entrance areas where access to installations is less needed.